August 28, 2014

Wind Farm Delay Possible

wind turbine farm

Sen. Mikulski placed language in the defense bill that could prevent the wind farm from proceeding until a turbine side effects study is completed.

Local Firms Get on Board the SeaPort-e Juggernaut

aircraft carrier

The $5.3 billion service contract has scores of eligible firms nationwide.

Pax River Health Clinic Captain Fired

Capt. Lisa Raimondo

Navy cites a “significant lack of leadership and integrity” for its decision.

Sequestration Fight Heats Up on Hill

capitol hill

Lawmakers tackle defense spending this week.

Morning Coffee: X-47B Prepares for a Shocking Test


Attack drone to undergo 2,000-volt shock test at Pax River.

Morning Coffee: Australia Backs Off F-35

F-35C rear

Australia will push back a decision to buy Joint Strike Fighters for two years.

Morning Coffee: DoD Aviation Plan Ignores Money Troubles

funny money

The Pentagon’s long-term aviation plan doesn’t seem concerned about Congressional wrangling.

Morning Coffee: Navy Buyers Warn Austerity Will ‘Hurt’

empty piggy bank

The Navy’s acquisitions brass warn contractors that the new era of austerity will bring financial pain.

Morning Coffee: Navy Kicks Off the Search for Next Fighter

FA-XX concept

The Navy releases a request for information about the generation beyond the Joint Strike Fighter.