May 25, 2015

Navy Chief Sticks With Surveillance UCLASS


Congress doesn’t like it, but Navy Secretary Ray Mabus sticks with a “surveillance” UCLASS rather than “strike.”

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‘The Surveyors Came Down': The Takings at Pax

Dyson Home before NAS Pax River

The essay, “Takings,” explores the impact of the Navy’s acquisition of the farms at Cedar Point in the words of those who experienced it.

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Ridge Elementary Robotics Team Represents MD

RES Robotics

Del. Deb Rey thanks Ridge Elementary Robotics Team for a good showing, representing MD at the Worlds Robotics Competitive.

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Kendall Skeptical Giving Acquisition to Chiefs

Kendall, Frank

“[When] services have dominated decisions about the structure of a program… we’ve had some pretty big train wrecks,” says DoD’s top procurement official.

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Teacher & Student LASIK Discount Available

Whitten Lasik teacher coupon

Dr. Mark Whitten offers a $1,000 LASIK discount to teachers and students seeking laser vision correction this summer.

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China Russia Cyber-Pact Concerns US

China flag map

China Russia Cyber-Pact increases tensions between China and the US.

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2nd Forum to Promote Local Manufacturing

Forever Eden

The Manufacturers’ and Other Maker’s Forum is scheduled for May 21, 2015, 8 am at Lenny’s Restaurant.

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SH-3A Sea King Induction May 21

Sea-King helicopter

The landmark anti-submarine warfare helicopter, SH-3A Sea King, will be inducted into Patuxent River Naval Air Museum, May 21 at 4 pm.

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Penn State Finds Chinese Hackers & Goes Off-Line

cybersecurity hand

Penn State, developer of sensitive technology for the US Navy, finds Chinese hackers embedded in their engineering computer network.

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Homeless Solutions in Missoula

volunteers poverello

A local advocate for the homeless in SoMd finds another impressive model of a homeless program/shelter in Missoula, MT.

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