September 5, 2015

J.F. Taylor Makes It In America


Hoyer finds J.F.Taylor, Inc. in Lexington Park a stellar example of his Make It In America, legislative goals.

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UAV Invisibility Cloak Advancing

UAV invisibility cloak

An invisibility cloak for military UAV concealment is advancing with the goal of a Harry Potter success

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NAS Pax Issues Noise Advisory

F-35B JSF 200th flight

Noise-generating test events are scheduled to take place between 7:45 a.m. and 9:45 a.m. Aug. 31 through Sept. 2.

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Adult Education Provided by Grant at CSM

Adult Education

Grant funding has allowed the College of Southern Maryland to provide adult education at low or no cost.

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Hoyer Endorses 2016 Civilian Pay Hike

civilian pay hike

The increase is only a small step toward reducing the pay gap between federal civilian employees and their private sector counterparts, but will slow the pace of the gap.

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F-35 to Challenge A-10 in Close Air Support

F-35 challenge A-10

It is not unprecedented for a proven aircraft to compete against a new aircraft during test and evaluation, says the DOT&E chief.

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Walden Raises Cash with Starlit Night


Raise money for Walden at Starlit Nights on Sept. 18 at Olde Breton Inn.

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Lifeguards Needed at Great Mills Pool


The pool, next door to Great Mills High School, is open year-round and offers lifeguards a variety of shifts.

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CSM Offers Personal Campus Safety App

CSM app

The new campus safety app helps connect students & faculty with safety officers in emergencies and reporting.

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Great Mills Pool to Close for Maintenance

Great Mills Pool

The Great Mills Pool will close from Sept. 8 to 20 for routine seasonal maintenance.

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