October 4, 2015

Lexington Park Volunteer Rescue Squad Gets New Digs

JR - LPVFD - 01 0 00 00-20

The Lexington Park Volunteer Rescue Squad unofficially opened FDR Boulevard Saturday to officially open their new station. LPVRS joins two other top-drawer community service organizations on the new road, Bay District Fire Dept. and Lexington Park Library.

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A Short Video Re-cap of Building FDR Boulevard

GMTP - NS - dump trucks

It took more than five decades to get the final 1,000 feet of FDR Boulevard extended across Great Mills Road. It took Great Mills Trading Post five months to build the road.

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Could High Density Save Lexington Park?

Lex Park Underbelly2

Apartment buildings, maybe luxury apartments, could lead Lexington Park out of its slump and into a Renaissance. But the county needs to increase the allowable density for it to happen.

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Blight Ordinances Passes St. Mary’s


The new blight ordinance will apply countywide and include Right to Farm provisions and protections for both the community’s and the owner’s property rights.

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Battle of AICUZ; Coming to a Theater Near You

Map by St. Mary's County Dept. of Land Use and Growth Management

An Achilles’ heel for the Navy, a linchpin for Lexington Park, will the 800 AICUZ properties turn the tide in the Revitalization War?

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Community Policing Arrives in Lexington Park

Sgt. Clay Safford

The Lexington Park Business & Community Association introduces new community policing director Sgt. Clay Safford Wednesday night at Bay District firehouse. “Residents, business and property owners working with the Sheriff’s Office to take back the streets!”

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Pine Hill Still Quickest Route to Park & Pax

Map of Great Mills Road - Crop

It is still possible to work near NAS:Pax River and run an errand on your lunch break.

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Next Lex Park Open House Aug. 7

Lexington Park Master Plan Update

Two more open houses scheduled Aug. 7 and Aug. 28 in advance of the Sept. 9, 2013, public hearing on the proposed update.

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Try The Tides’ New Menu This Friday

Tides Flatbread

Check out the Tides’ new menu featuring fresh, local produce and seafood they have created a taste of Southern Maryland like none other.

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New Maps, New Roads, Another Plan

Great Mills Road Concept - Lexington Park "Starting Point" Plan

County planners are taking a vision of Lexington Park Maryland into the community map by map, via Facebook and YouTube.

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