February 27, 2015

New Home in Your New Year?

Pembrooke_HancockIII_Exterior_Colonial-Stone3_RTCH - NS

Pembrooke in Lexington Park, MD, offers value, style, and location for buyers looking for a new home in 2015.

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UV Light A Year-Round Vision Threat

Winter sunglasses

UV light poses a year-round threat to vision, with winter offering no break from the risk. Learn how to protect yourself.

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Map Details MD Capital Budget By County

budget map of MD - ns

The Maryland Association of Counties provides an interactive map of Maryland’s capital budget, county by county.

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Robbie Loker: Reverse Mortgages Face-to-Face

Robbie Loker

PRMI’s reverse mortgage expert says those has-been movie stars on late night TV pitching reverse mortgages are on to a good thing, but to craft a reverse mortgage to fit your life, she suggests face-to-face consultation.

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DoD Grant Targets SoMd Business Diversification


Maryland expects to receive more than $2 million from DoD’s Office of Economic Adjustment and matching funds for an 18-month, economic adjustment project in Southern Maryland.

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Night Vision Declining? Time for An Eye Checkup

night-driving-e1381497647106 - NS

If you notice a change in your after-dark vision, it’s time to check in with Whitten Laser Eye.

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Does Your Dream Home Need Remodeling?


PRMI’s Dream Loan can roll renovations and remodeling into your mortgage. All you need to decide is what you want to change.

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SRI Sees Iris Recognition as Best ID/Access Solution

Pine Hill - Iris On the Move

SRI research & innovation center brings technology to market to solve the world’s most important problems; iris recognition, some work ongoing now at Pax, is seen as the ID/access systems answer.

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A Wider Perspective & Lexington Park is Booming

KHov - NS - Pembrooke_HancockIII_Exterior_Colonial-Stone3_RTCH

Mr. Watts seeks always to emphasize. “This is Lexington Park and it’s doing great.”

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Unmanned “Automated,” Emphasizes DBED

Kmax helicopter

UAS doesn’t only mean “aircraft” systems, Sec’y Murray tells government. Industry and academic leaders leverage the region’s brain-trust and a UMd research/incubator to go farther.

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